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The Story of the Past Month (part 1)

WordPress tells me that my last post was on July 27th. So that tells me it’s been  about a month since I posted here. I didn’t really intend on taking this long of a hiatus, but I was expecting to be gone for a while.  Lots of very exciting things happened, but I will focus a bit on the challenges I faced towards the end of the summer, and why I took a step back from meticulous recordings of my progress.

Towards the end of my internship, something bad began to happen. I began weighing myself every morning, sometimes more than once. Every morning the scale read 150, and every morning I started out upset. Not visibly so, but in the back of my mind that number sat. Because of this, one of two things would happen. I would either cheat on paleo (less often), or I would start to feel guilty about eating (more often). No matter what I ate, or how I ate it, I was feeling bad. I ate too much not enough, the wrong kind of meat, not enough veggies, etc. No matter what I did, I felt bad for eating.

Needless to say, this wasn’t exactly healthy. I talked with Anthony (fiance) about it the first couple of days of August, and we decided a good way to cut off this cycle was to stop weighing myself. Completely. We set an arbitrary date at which I would be allowed to weigh myself again — after my belt test on September 10th.

My friend David, traipsing around to take pictures in Chicago.

I pretty much immediately started to feel better. Much in the same way that weighing myself a day before my weigh-in during the first part of my journey would get me down that day, I didn’t really realize how much weighing myself in the mornings was putting a dampener on my moods and self-esteem for that day.  I stuck with paleo more easily, and it just became a lifestyle instead of something that was a chore.

I also stopped working out, though that had happened a couple of weeks before Anthony and I decided it would be a good idea to stop weighing myself. Much in the same way that weighing myself every day was bringing down my self-esteem, so was attempting to do TKD by myself. I find it is very similar to when I would work out, or run. If I was doing it out of obligation and there was no fun in it, then it was just a chore.  Not only was it a chore but it was one that magnified my faults. Everything I was doing wrong seemed magnified and frustrated me more than it might have normally. It ate at my confidence, and brought me down further.

I really needed to take care of myself mentally, especially since the stress of going from Chicago to DC for a seminar and then back to Atlanta was mounting. Not to mention that I had two great friends, both of which are paleo, were coming to see me. I wanted to relax and do what felt natural (which paleo does, much of the time), and enjoy my time with them.

Real women leave the crust

Finally, I gave Intermittent Fasting a try. I can’t remember precisely when I started, but for a few weeks I didn’t eat on Sundays or Thursdays (well, skipping breakfast and lunch). It was an interesting experience, but I have discontinued it for now. I would probably do IF during the periods in which I can’t exercise, if I was still trying to lose weight the next time I had such a period.  It’s up for grabs, but it is something that I tried.

With those adjustments made during my last weeks of my internship, I packed up my stuff and said a very sad goodbye to Chicago.

Goodbye, Chicago!


On a more upbeat note…

I know that my last post was a wall of text, so this one will be more picture heavy. Just a log of food eaten today.

Breakfast, as previously mentioned, was a delightfully colorful plate of fruit.


Breakfast of Champions

For lunch, I had the Easy Chicken and Basil that I had made last night and a little bit more of the spicy tomato soup, that is still tasty even, like, a week after I made it.

Anthony took a liking to the chicken soup (thank the gods), so I will be sending that home with him Sunday.

We walked to Kroger and then took a nap, and then it was time for dinner. But I was still feeling mopey, and not really up for cooking, so I asked Anthony to take me out, and like the awesome boyfriend he is, he did. 🙂

This was my first time out since starting the diet, so I knew we needed to go somewhere where I could get a steak or hot wings. we went to Ted’s Montana Grill. And tastiness ensued.


A guy at the farmer's market told me girls don't eat steak... I should send him this pic

I am technically not supposed to have prime rib, but in my defense they did not seem to have top sirlion. I did NOT eat the fat, which I consider a testament to my willpower, as I love the fat. Pictured with the steak are roasted green beans and tomatoes. The green beans were tasty, but I couldn’t finish them, because the steak filled me up.


Anthony had a bison burger... yes it was that big. Video to follow

Anthony had a bison burger, and was courteous enough to not order fries. He had a salad, and the roll sitting on his plate was mine. I guess the waiter missed that whole “I can’t eat grains” thing.

Here’s a vid of Anthony eating his massive burger. You might want to catch it quickly, as I technically don’t have permission to post this…

Anyway, we came home and decided… it was time to pack up the meat!

Had to pick a picture that wouldn't make my vegetarian/vegan friends vomit.

So that was the rest of my day.  I think I am going to go play fable with  my wonderful boyfriend now.