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Food Tally, Day 3

Ugh. It’s been an exhausting, frustrating, stressful day. But, as you will see from my tallys, I have successfully avoided stress eating! Huzzah!


Apples and Almond Butter


A good serving of Gina’s Fridge Leftover Surprise


Crystal light lemonade –approx 3/4 of cup (note: This is NOT PALEO)


Apples and Almond Butter*


*I admit that this dinner choice was a bit of a stress-induced choice. I LOVE apples and almond butter — it’s a great snack and I just wan’t feeling Fridge Surprise for dinner. With grocery day looming, it was pretty much a choice between Apples and Almond Butter or Fridge Surprise. It did make me “feel better,” so I guess it counts, but I suppose it’s better than stress-eating out of the bad food cabinet.

I declare today a “woot” day, food-wise.




Celebrating 10 pounds lost

We already had a word-heavy post today, so I will keep the word count down for this post.

Breakfast was a half an apple.

Lunch I had some egg, ham, and kinda had some salad. I  put some spinach, cucumbers, and carrots dressed with basalmic vinegarette in a bowl… and then proceeded to eat the spinach.

Dinner I had taco salad, but it sorta got ruined by the spoonfull or two I had of leftover chocolate icing. The important thing, though, is that I stopped eating when I was not hungry anymore.

Anyway, I promised pictures of my TKD stuff, so I arranged it all for your viewing pleasure:


All self-explanatory, except the top sheet, which is my "grades" -- A's in every category, even though I don't think I deserved them.

So there’s my certificate, my yellow belt, and my broken board. On top is my grading sheet, with A’s circled for every part of the test. The tester suggested that I do my kicks higher (not waist-high, though I really do think that’s all I can do for my in-out and out-in stretch kicks…). The writing at the bottom also said I had good blocks during my forms. 🙂

So now we come to the title of the post.

As you know, I weighed myself at the beginning of the week and was disappointed to see the 180 glaring back at me from the scale. I posted here, and wrote it off to water weight, sick weight, and other such things, as did most of my commentors. While I still believed that, it tasted sweet victory when I hopped on the scale this morning, out of curiosity, to see a nice sweet 175.


Still sexy.

Let’s face it. I’m still a sexy beast no matter what that scale says, but it’s pretty cool — I have reached my first milestone.

10 pounds down, 40 to go.

Woot. 🙂