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Weigh-in #1

So I forgot to weigh myself yesterday because I woke up hungry again, but this morning I remembered and hopped on the scale.

BAM, bitches! Five pounds lost.

I have been tossing around in my head how I want to do weigh-ins. Most people do once a week, but for some reason I am thinking that might not be best for me. Generally when I am weighing in once a week I either get discouraged or I get cocky. I had thought about weighing in once a month, but that seems perhaps too long of a stretch.

For these beginning weeks, especially when I am so concerned about my caloric intake, I think I will keep weighing in once a week. And if I don’t suffer any adverse effects from that, I might keep going. But if I find myself getting frustrated I may peel back some. I think I will have to play it by ear.

As far as my caloric intake is concerned, I am not going to start worrying too much about it until school starts back. These days most of what I do is sit at the computer and/or play video games, broken up only by my DDR or Taekwondo, depending on the day.  When classes start up, if I start feeling faint during the day or some other adverse effects, I will start to worry some more and monitor my calories more closely.

I also  need to figure out a rewards system. But I’m still pondering on that.

Actually, I would love some suggestions. What are some rewards/celebrations that I could do that DON’T involve food? Thoughts?


Why Being a Woman on a Diet Sucks

I have been really concerned lately that I haven’t been getting enough calories. My diet for the past few days has basically been a fruit when I wake up, and either a bowl (1 cup) of chili or a magic salad at lunch or dinner. Needless to say, that can’t be very much as spinach and apples don’t have very many calories, and I can’t have even gotten to 1000 calories. Luckily, at least for the first day I was on my period, I  haven’t been expending that much either.I do  my 20m of cardio (in the form of DDR) per day, and I practice my TKD, but other than that, I am sitting here at my computer, doing something or other.

But my worry was compounded when I got on the scale today. You see, I hopped on on Monday just to get an initial starting weight, and my lovely little scale told me that I weighed 190lbs.

Needless to say, I was not very happy, but I wasn’t too worried, because, hey, I was about to lose it.  I also wasn’t very surprised because I had spent a week at my dad’s house whoofing down Pizza Rolls.

However, today, when I got on the scale and the dial clearly said 185, I was very, very worried. If the scale was right, I had dropped five pounds in a matter of days. It’s not even healthy to lose that much, consistently, in a week.

I was especially worried because I had been having difficulties determining whether or not I was hungry for most of this week. It was/is a strange sensation, these days, when I get hungry. It happens a lot more often than it used to, and it feels different. Rather than a feeling that is centered at the “top” of my stomach, rather than at the bottom. I can’t really describe it.

But here’s the real sticker. I, like many women in the world, gain weight right before and around my period.  As we all know, I started my period just a couple of days ago. So was the weight gained part of my PMS bloating, or from the food fest at my dad’s? And did I really drop five pounds in four days, or did I perhaps drop less weight and at the same time lose my water retention. I don’t know.

But I wasn’t about to test that first hand, so I decided to make a new dish tonight and add that to the magic salad so that I had a full meal rather than just a partial one.

So, what did I make?

Chicken and Basil... without the basil

It was taaaasty. But it didn’t turn out the way it was supposed to. For details, see my next post.

But I had 1/4 of this (the serving size — 195 calories) and some magic salad, so I am feeling full but not stuffed, and I am feeling a bit better about  my caloric intake. I need to get off my ass and cook a little bit more, I think, but I’m also somewhat worried about running out of food…I dunno, we’ll see.

Anthony and I are off to the wedding tomorrow, which should be a challenge. I think I might bring some fruit to keep in the car and munch on in the car on the way to make sure I don’t splurge on tasty wedding food.

Keep your fingers crossed for me!