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The Paleo-diet

I woke up hungry this morning (okay, okay, this afternoon), which just about never happens.  So I was left with a conundrum. I had dedicated myself to this diet thing, yet I had not had the time to play out with the old and in with the new for my fridge. So what could I eat?

And then I said to myself “Ooh, I can have eggs!”

I am on what my beloved boyfriend Anthony calls the “Paleo-diet.” And here’s the story behind that. Basically, I sat down and talked with my Taekwondo coach, and we got to talking about weight loss and such, and he started talking about glycogenic foods and other things I didn’t understand. But basically, he said that our bodies originally just ran on meet and fruits and veggies, back in our hunter-gatherer stages. His supposition (based on those that he read) was that we hadn’t really evolved enough to be particularly efficient at digesting the large number of grains that we eat in our society. So he suggested that, at least for a while, I restrict myself to a Meat, Fruits, and Veggies only diet.

So that is what I have committed myself too. It’s not quite no-carb ala “Atkins,” because fruits certainly have a good number of carbs. And it’s not as if I have thrown off bread and pasta forever. But I am going to shift what my taste buds like and dislike. Then, when I am “allowed” to have breads again, I will not want to eat them in such large quantities.

So, eggs and an apple.

There are three eggs there, believe it or not! And the apple was kinda old (as is the one I have in front of me right now…), but this is what I have to work with before the Great Purge this evening.

I love the way eggs cook. I get to watch them turn from weird globular things in a bowl

To runny goo that goes into the frying pan:

And then they magically turn into amazing fluffy things as you stir them over medium heat. I was really tempted to put some garlic in them (my favorite spice), but I think that will have to wait for next time.

I am eating a soggy apple now, w hich really ┬ájust isn’t cutting it. I’m gonna have to find a way to cook one of my chicken breasts, pronto, with the stuff I have around the house.

This could be interesting.