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My adventure to Dairy Queen

Let’s be honest here: Ice cream is not one of my big vices. As previously discussed, chips are my biggest BIGGEST problem and perhaps right after that are french fries. Sweet things, even  before I went on paleo, turn my stomach after a while. So when I say that I went to DQ today and enjoyed a cookie dough blizzard and that it really wasn’t that big of a deal, I want you to understand that I’m being honest.

I went for a number of reasons:

1) I wanted ice cream
2) I wanted to test my hypothesis that I had developed a lactose intolerance
3) I wanted to see if it tasted as good as I remembered
4) I was bored
5) More generally, I wanted to see what would happen.

I have been pondering this idea, since my discovery of some things —  mayonnaise — not tasting as good as I thought they would. I want to try several of the different things that I remember being really good, and things that I binged on, and now that my palette has “reset” itself, what they taste like and what they’ll do to my body. My plan was to have a day of this stuff and to make myself sick, but the more I think about it, the more I think that that might not be a good idea. Anyway, so me going to get ice cream was partially an experiment in that regard. Darcy has said that there will be some things, no matter what I do, that will always taste good and not make me sick, and that I need to be prepared in that regard. So this trip was prompted by that as well.

I was actually proud of myself for ordering a small

So this is the offender in question. Note that it is a small size, which is actually a pretty big achievement for me. My eyes are very often bigger than my stomach when it comes to ordering… anything. But since I was pretty much expecting this to make me sick, I ordered a small, not without noting that on the sign it said “Get more for your money — ORDER A LARGE!”

I wanted to be aware of what I was feeling, both physically and mentally, as I ate the ice cream so I picked a booth in the back, put on my headphones, and ate with ponderance.

All in all, it was “okay.” As Darcy predicted it tasted good and it didn’t make me sick. It did start to make me queasy after a while, but that was more due to the sweetness than the actual dairy. But I think, before I had the ice cream, I had this vision of it being… better. More satisfying, in a way. This time it was just something that I ingested that tasted really sweet.  Since  I’m not big on sweets, it wasn’t that great. *shrug*

I didn’t finish it, which is also an achievement for me. I often feel this ridiculous pressure to finish things that I buy to eat. When it’s something crappy I have from my school dining hall or something that I  have cooked myself that I can put more for leftovers, finishing isn’t that big of a deal. But when I buy something when I’m out, I always feel like I HAVE to finish it, cause even if I take it home, it won’t taste the same.

A couple of things of note. As I was eating the ice cream, I did start craving something salty. Like pizza. Always pizza.

Finished about 3/4 of it

Anyway, there’s the rest of it.

I don’t really feel guilty about this because I learned from it. I wouldn’t say ice cream is something that is off my menu forever and ever, but it may just be something that I will remember wasn’t as good as I thought it was, and therefore not waste my money on it anymore.

I didn’t really have any after-effects, largely because I didn’t binge. I did go home and promptly fall asleep for 2 hours, but I think that has more to do with my period than the dairy. lawl.



P.S. Looking at the advertisements for hamburgers in DQ had no appeal to me at all, even though I used to LOVE DQ hamburgers.


The Past Two Days…

…they haven’t been busy so much, but with the boy in the house, it’s hard to motivate myself to write about food.

Anyway, yesterday Anthony and I put our brains together to decide what to do for dinner.

I took a recipe from and modified it a bit.

Essentially, you get some chicken breast halves and pick some kind of seasoning, fry it a bit till it gets a bit of a crust, and then back for thirty minutes.

Our spices:

Garlic, of course, was a must.

It is essentially: garlic powder, paprika, oregano, curry, salt. What you do is “bread” the chicken with the spices and fry it up a bit until it has a crust. Bake at 350 for 30 minutes.

Spiced chicken with magic salad photo-bombing

If you’re looking to do this recipe, I recommend leaving out the Paprika, or keeping it really light, as it tends to over power the rest of the spices. It was okay, overall.

Today, I had two adventures in cooking. I didn’t really want a raw fruit for breakfast, so I decided to test out the blender and make a smoothie.

It’s true that one of the rules is to not drink calories, but I think I can make an exception for smoothies.

Anyway, I invented a smoothie, and it’s called “Blood of My Enemies.” Observe:

1 cup raw strawberries
1/2 cup raw blueberries
1/2 blood orange, slices peeled off
1 strawberry daquiri no calorie sweetener
8-10 cubes of ice (not pictured)

I based the recipe on the “too good, two-berry smoothie” from hungry girl, and I did some improvisation seeing as how I didn’t have the frozen fruits necessary.

My enemies are fruits...

Dissolve the sweetener in 1/4 cup of water and put in blender. Add ice cubes and blend till desire consistency is reached.

A couple of notes: because I didn’t have frozen fruits, I neglected to put ice in my smoothie, so it turned out to be more of a fruit pulp blend, albeit a very tasty one.  Also because I haven’t myself put the ice in my smoothie, I am not 100%  sure about the number needed. Adjust when necessary.

The smoothie gets its name for its very very red color, and its pulpiness.

See the little black flakes? Those are the souls...

For lunch I had the last of the second Easy Tomato and Basil chicken and a few grapes. I headed down to pick my roommate up from the airport.

Much, much later after I got back (in fact, I only just now finished eating it), I was very hungry. The leftovers I had from the Spiced Fried/Baked chicken were no good, as I had accidentally left them out overnight. So I had to cook something, and I had 0 patience to go scrounging around for recipes and wait another hour for it to cook.

I resolved to just cook up some ground sirloin and throw some taco seasoning on it and eat that, when my awesome roommate suggested I serve it over lettuce.

The lettuce I bought during the Great Food Purge was, surprisingly, still good, so that’s what I did. It wasn’t a taco salad worthy of Suzie at Waste and Taste, but I still thought it was nommy (and spicy!). I might have had a little too much…

The lettuce-to-meat ratio is embarrassingly small…

Tomorrow I am prepared to meet TWO big challenges. Firstly, I am having lunch with my friend in Evans, which has all sorts of nommies from ice cream to breads to dairy all for free. Additionally, the amount of good stuff to eat (for me) is rather small. So… that will be hard.

The second challenge is much harder. My chorale professor is having rehearsal from 4-8 and after that she is providing dinner. I am not sure what this means, but I have a feeling that Chick Fil A will be involved.






I know that eating bad stuff every once in a while is okay, but I am really worried about triggering a slippery slope. So that if I did it this time and the world didn’t end, then the next time it’d be okay and the next time after that. I am also concerned because I will also be indulging myself at my birthday party, more for the reason that I can’t afford to feed 20+ people paleo food than anything else.

I can do this. I can resist, and I can keep eating well.