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Knee Update and Weigh-in #13

This is technically the 14th week of my new paleo life, but only my 13th weigh-in cause last week I skipped for fear of major disappointment.

But first! An update on the knee situation.

I just got back from the wellness center, and they referred me to a doctor to go have my knee X-rayed. I have an appointment to do that on Friday at 9:30. I’m not sure what they’re gonna say.

The wellness center also gave me an anti-inflammatory to take in the meantime, which I am SO excited about…

My dad is also scolding me for being stupid about my knee. This is one of the few times in my life where I’m pretty sure I deserve it. I have been stupid about it, and I fully acknowledge that. It’s time to get smart about it. I’m pretty much grounded from TKD for the rest of the year. I still go to class, and I am teaching white belts, which is satisfying in its own way. I’ll start working towards my next belt only when I’m fully healed. I’ve paid for my impatience.

Anyway, now to the fun part of the post: Weigh-in!

Last time I weighed myself, I hadn’t budged from 155. It is possible that I lost 5 pounds somewhere between then and now, but I really do feel like I’ve lost that five pounds in one week. It was literally as if I woke up the morning after my belt test and felt five pounds lighter.

Another possibility is that the bloating from my period has left me. But either way…

150 pounds! boo yeah!

I am actually half a pound from being back into a normal weight range. Hoorah! I’m really looking forward to crossing this threshold.

This is a ten-pound marker, so I will update this post (or make a new one) with measurements and pictures when I can.

So if I keep losing 2.5 lb/week, I’ll be down to 135 in 6 weeks, just two weeks after my graduation.

It’s important for me to realize that I may keep perfect paleo and still not lose 2.5 pounds per week, cause there is the plateau to think of, especially since I’m not exercising. But I’ve tried doing some things to counter that. For instance, I used to drink tea at my meals, but now I’m 100% water, so that reduces my caloric intake. I’m kinda excited about that, actually, cause it’s been a transition I’ve been trying to make for a while. I’ll post on that later.

Anyway, that’s it for me. Hooray for continued weight loss!I will update with pictures as soon as I can acquire a camera.


Do it out of love.

My first year at Agnes, I made what most of my friends now refer to as my “body post.” It consisted of several pictures of me in various states of being clothed. I was never naked, and I have pretty  modest underwear generally, but either way it was rather exposing.

The point of this post was not pornographic, but it was to be inspiring.  I was proclaiming that I was no longer ashamed of my body. That instead of being hurt, embarrassed, or hateful towards my body, I was going to love it.

I do not want to post it all here, because it’s a bit lengthy, and that’s besides the fact that the pictures are me, less than clothed, but if you are my friend on facebook, you are free to view it here.

I have been wanting to revisit this post for a while, and decided to do it both within the context of my knee injury and within the context of a few conversations I’ve had recently.

First of all, I still feel this way about my body, and with the exception of a few bad days every once in a while (everyone has them), I have felt this way about my body ever since that post. It is something that I need to keep in mind, however, as I deal with my knee injury. My knee hurts for a reason, and I need to be good to it because it has given me 22 years of good service, and it got hurt trying to do what I wanted it to do, and I need to be better to my knee, and less angry about my injury. After all, it could have been a lot worse.

Unfortunately, not my hand.

Secondly, I think about this post as I think about all the people who have come up to me and told me that I have inspired them, some of them telling me about eating disorders that they have had in the past. I am awed and inspired myself when people tell me their stories and I never cease to be proud of people who take that first leap into being more healthful.

I have never believed in universal, all-encompassing advice, but I think I have found something that I would say to everyone who approaches me about making a lifestyle change: do it out of love. Don’t do it because you hate your body or you aren’t happy with the way you look. Don’t do it because you think you’d be better if you weighed 15 pounds less. Do it because you love your body and you want the best for it. Do it because your body will be happier with a better diet. Do it because you want what’s best for this entity that’s been carrying you for your life.

If you can’t do that, then not only will you not be happy in your weight loss, you won’t be successful. Though I give lots of credit to the paleo lifestyle for my weight loss, I think the biggest thing that has made the difference is that I am doing this because I truly, deeply, love and appreciate all my body does for me, and I want us to have a better relationship. I don’t think negative thoughts about being overweight, or obese (with, of course, some periodic exceptions). I don’t look down on my body for being overweight — after all, I made it that way. I don’t hate myself for getting to this point. All of that negativity will only hold me back. We are moving forward, together, as a team to be a happier individual.

If you can’t love your body, then you shouldn’t be attempting to lose weight. Like a partnership with another human being, any changes you make should come from love, appreciation, and respect. Working with your body is no different.

I am going to go ice my knee, because it deserves it.