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I learned something awesome today

I learned something awesome that combines my two favorite things in the world: garlic and violence.


For those of you who are reading at work (shame on you!), I’ll explain.

Suzie over at Waste and Taste told me when I started using fresh garlic to bash it a little bit before I cut it, because that released the flavor.

Little did I know, it was also an easy, fun, violent way to peel it. Here’s how you do it:

Easily peel garlic cloves

1) Take wide, handled tool such as a knife.
2) Set a single clove of garlic on the counter.
3) With a single flick of the wrist, bop the garlic with the flat of the blade. This crushes the garlic some and pushes the skin off the clove.
4) Use your fingers to remove the skin from the clove, and dispose.
5) Cut/mince the garlic as needed.

I wasted SO MUCH TIME peeling and mincing garlic before now. Using this method I was able to get more garlic into my dish (I used a whole clove in my spaghetti sauce when I discovered this), and do so with ease.

Hooray for discoveries!


Running, Day 1


Anthony calls today the learning run, and I think he is right in that regard. I learned lots of thing in my run this morning.

1) Hills suck.

I live in Georgia, and if there is one thing that is true about the landscape here, there are hills. Lots and lots of hills.

Running up hill, and even running down hill is a pain in the ass, especially when your knee is hurting.

To solve this, Anthony and I are gonna explore different paths. I think that East College, the road we live on, is more or less straight, so we might do just up and down there.

2) I need to run in pants or gouchos

One of the things I most look forward two when I shirk my weight is having a pair of thighs that DO NOT RUB TOGETHER. When they get sweaty, they chafe, and that shit burns so bad.

To solve this, I might end up doing running in my gray yoga pants, at least until I get rid of some more weight. On the plus side of the clothing issue, though, the Blue Spirits have worked out very well.

3) Congo Fury is an excellent pacing song.

I made a playlist for running last night, and on it I put Conga Fury by Juno Reactor on it. When I played my moosac, I noticed that I was keeping time with the music. The faster the song, the faster I would go — and get worn out more quickly. Slower songs would be areas where I did my running a lot better. I found a good balance, though, with the Conga Fury song.

I even counted it out to myself. It’s a slow pace, but one that got my heart rate going without wearing me out.

I’m going to look into sorting my playlist by BPM to see if that helps me pace myself a little better. I know that pacing is something that I have issues with, and something that I want to work on. There is a link here that I’m gonna see if I can do.

4) I did the wrong goddamn program.

I mentioned last night that my friend Sam had suggested a program to me, run a 10K in 13 weeks. Well, it turns out that I was wrong.

It’s run a 5K in 9 weeks.


So Anthony and I ran for 1m 30s and walked for 2m, eight times…which is actually week 2 of the program that I wanted to do.

Here’s the 5K in 9 week program.

Needless to say that I feel better about the run not going as well as I had hoped or wanted. Considering I was doing the second week’s workout, and that I did a lot of it uphill, I actually feel pretty good about the run today.

I feel pretty freaking good, just generally. I thought I would be dog tired after the run, but I am feeling a lot more energized, and just have that sorta glowy feeling of happiness. I’m definitely looking forward to doing this more often.

Now… onto some less-happy-making things: homework.


P.S. Here’s Anthony and me on our way home from the run this morning

Trust me, we look much happier than we are.