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Weigh-in # 14

This is probably going to be the lamest post I have done but I’m really tired at this point.

I might make a better update tomorrow, as I have had some important realizations, but I’m too sleepy to go into them today.

The important thing is that I hit my “no longer overweight” milestone today, even though I only lost, like, maybe half a pound this week. Either way, I didn’t have that far to go.

That’s 149lbs. 36 lost, 14 to go.

Yes, it’s another one-pounder-and-I’m-being-generous week. I will have to go into more detail about what happened this past week at a later date, but suffice it to say that my stress eating problems aren’t yet over.

And to those of you who have been asking, here’s a pic of me at 150.

Me, Minus 35lbs

My roommate kind of photo-bombed the pic that I think is best. Here’s another one for good measure.

One more... and this ones blurry. heeh.

You’ll have to deal with the crappy pictures for now.


Bust: 37″ (down 5″)
Waist: 30.5″ (down 4.5″)
Hip:  42″ (down 5″)

I think with my realizations from last week I will be able to make the final push, but I am honestly afraid it won’t happen since I have had to stop doing TKD. I dunno. More on that tomorrow, hopefully.


Measurements and Pictures

I’m sorta procrastinating getting started on the stuff I need to do today, but this is a post I  have been wanting to make.

I decided to start taking measurements and pictures for every 10lbs I lost. Nothing special to add here, so let’s get to the good stuff.


Bust: 38″
Waist: 32″
Hips : 43.5″

I am amused, because I don’t fit into the typical “body shape” categories. I have always considered myself an “hourglass” figure, though when I read some descriptions, the hourglass nazis say that the bust and hips must be EXACTLY the same number of inches, or, since they’re being generous, the bust can be ONE inch larger than the hips.


Of course, this is by a women’s magazine, who is more interested in caricatures than actual body types. Wikipedia, of course, has a something a bit more realistic to say.

I think that understanding where and how one’s body distributes fat is a useful tool to help women understand why they look the way they do and to understand that things like “I want to lose 20lbs in my thighs” just isn’t going to work. And it also helps people like me understand that I will  never look like a supermodel, cause I just don’t have that body type.

I can imagine Coach rolling his eyes at me, because he is of the opinion that if you’re healthy and don’t have body fat, then it doesn’t matter what “type” of body you are. To him I say, perhaps that is true, but women in the healthiest of shapes are still going to have body fat. We are supposed to have more body fat than men because of that whole, you know, breast thing. So for us, where our body fat is distributed can be an important tool to understand how they look and why.

Anyway, I have a small obsession with body types, Waist-to-hip ratio, and other such things.  I strongly recommend looking at the wikipedia article and clicking around to the related articles. It’s interesting stuff.

Here is my picture.

Me, minus 20lbs



Weigh In #5 — A bit too Ambitious

I made it down to 170lb as of today! 😀

There’s an interesting threshold coming up. After five more pounds (~2 weeks), I will be the same weight I was when I entered college. This means I have shirked the weight from:

1) Crappy Agnes Food
2) Losing my home
3) Mom dying
4) Fast Food from the past 4 years
5) General stress from the past 4 years

It’s a threshold I’m looking forward to meeting. 😀

So, I have been noticing a difference in how my clothes fit me (which makes sense, after 15 pounds). I was pulling up my favorite jeans in the grocery store all day yesterday (much to the chagrin of Darcy and Anthony). The more I thought about it, the more I wanted to know my measurements. Suzie over at A waste of a waist takes measurements as a part of her weigh-ins. I don’t think that I want to measure myself that often, but every once in a while will be an interesting test, to see where everything is coming from.

I use an internet picture because I am too lazy to take my own.

To my best memory, my measurements before I started eating paleo were as follows:

Bust: 42″
Waist: 34″
Hips: 47″

I measure up this morning and found some interesting results.

Bust: 39″
Waist: 33″
Hips: 45″

So… neat! That explains my pants falling off.

I decided to get ambitious.

I had, at one point, three different pairs of jeans that were a size 16, but  each one fit me differently. There was a small 16, a medium 16, and a large 16. The medium 16 pair is long gone due to over use. Cause of death was typical: two large holes on the inside of my thighs. They survived an emergency patching procedure a year or so ago, but in the end they went caput.

So what I have left are the large sixteen and the small sixteen. I’m sure you can figure out what happens next. Last night I decided I would get ambitious and try to wear my “small” sixteen around today. Perhaps a belt should have been included in that.

They are still a bit too small. It is amusing to me that when something is too big and too small, the result is the same — they won’t stay up. Anyway, I will be pulling my pants up for most of the day today and then I’ll fold up my smaller jeans and try again in a few weeks.

I also have a size 14 white pants that I for some reason have kept through the years. That will be another project.

I’m halfway through my half-apple breakfast and feeling sleepy but good.

Hoping everyone has a good day!