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Weigh-in # 6

Weighing in has become a weird ritual for me. As I’ve mentioned previously, I weigh in on both Mondays and Tuesdays, just to be sure things are right. And here’s how my weighing-in sessions typically go.

1) Step on Scale
2) Frown
3) Step off Scale
4) Make sure scale is zeroed correctly
5) Step back on scale
(repeat first five steps, may throw in a nose-blow or bathroom-use)
6) Squint
7) Call Anthony in to read the scale
8) Anthony makes rough estimate
9) Step off scale
10) Move scale to different spot on the floor (step added by Suzie)
11) Step on scale
12) Squint
13) Repeat until get the same measurement twice.

Yeah, that’s pretty much how it goes down.

I think once I get myself financially upright again, I will invest in a digital scale of some sort. Having a bit of certainty — and not having to squint to see the  numbers — would be really helpful. This whole dial scale thing is just not working. Or I could at least get a scale with a bigger dial…

Anyway, another 2.5 pounds lost.

167.5 lbs as of 2/15/2011. Or so I am telling myself. lol

Part of the reason why my posts have been so bland lately is that I’ve sorta settled into a routine of cooking. I eat a LOT of baked chicken, and I scrounge around at Agnes for food that I can eat. I haven’t really had the time, energy, or money to get innovative with  my food. Rest assured, though, if I do make something new, I will keep you guys updated.

There is one last thing that I wanted to talk about today, and to do so we will watch a video.

If you haven’t seen Get Smart, first of all, you should. Cause it’s awesome. Secondly, the movie revolves around the main character, Max Smart. Prior to the timeline of the movie, Max was severely obese and has lost that weight. When things start to go badly during the movie, and Max is in jail, he has a dream that he is fat again, and literally becomes an animal, a slave to his passions (to use the philosopher’s language) for food.

The scene is meant to be comedic, as making fun of fat people is the most PC way to be an asshole in society these days. However, it definitely has been hitting home with me a lot lately, and it has stayed in the forefont of my mind.

Even though I have made and will continue to make great progress, sometimes that fear sneaks up that I will hop on the scale and see 185 again, as if these past few weeks have been nothing more than a dream, or that my scale has just broken. I also fear that I will hit that brick wall and not be able to go anywhere.

It’s not an acute, subconscious fear like Max has, and I certainly haven’t had dreams about being fat and becoming a bitch to cake. However, it is something that has been nagging at me, and almost every time I step on that scale I’m somewhat afraid of what I will see.

I’m not sure if it’s something I will be able to shake, at least for a while. I will have to see.

I guess I need to relinquish this computer to the professor who has made it very plain that this is his territory.




Weigh-in #4 — Scales are confusing

Before I announce my weight, I’d just like to have a brief rant about my scale.

For whatever reason, I usually weigh myself on both Monday and Tuesday. As I have pointed out before, there’s usually a discrepancy between the two dates, and I’ll usually average the two weights.

I approached weighing in the same way this week, but things were really confusing.

When I weighed in Monday morning, I was pleasantly surprised to see 173.5 on the scale (a rough estimate, since I have a dial scale). I went about my day without any worries.

This morning when I woke up I headed to the bathroom, used it, then pulled out the scale to weigh. It said 175. It wasn’t really that heartbreaking for me, more just confusing because it didn’t make any sense, especially considering how little I had to eat yesterday.

So I went ahead and got dressed and checked my email, blew my nose a couple of times, and then thought about the weigh-in some more. It just bothered me. It didn’t make any sense, so I went to weigh in again.

I even brought Anthony in to help me read the scale (I have bad eyes and the lines are small). He confirmed it at 171.5.

So, within roughly 24 hours, I have three measurements. 171.5, 173.5, and 175.

I don’t really understand how that’s possible, and I don’t understand why waiting five minutes (I did nothing but blow my nose — I didn’t even have any water) makes a three and a half pound difference.

I talked to Pam and she suggested that I average the three weights, so that’s what I did. Here’s my current weight as-derived.

(173 lbs)

Admittedly, I like 171.5 better, because that puts me a lot closer to having lost 15 lbs. but oh well. Baby steps, Ellie. 😀

Does anyone have an explanation for the weird discrepancies in weight? Or any thoughts as to why five minutes would make an almost-four pound difference? I’d like Suzie’s take on this, if she happens to see me.