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Food and recognition

I know that I have posted already today, but it’s been a while since I’ve done a food accountability check, so I wanted to do that, and also take some recognition for some non-cosmetic aspects of having lost weight.

First, the food:

Breakfast was in the dining hall again, due to lack of fruitage. I had five sausage links in a cup, and they were tasty. I didn’t take a picture, cause I just took them to work and nommed on them.

Lunch, I did get a picture of. It’s nothing special:

Buffalo chicken salad (a la Gina) and smoothie

This beauty is two chicken breasts a la Mollies with some lettuce, carrots, and hot sauce poured over it. It was pretty tasty, but the smoothie was the best. I am going to perfect the Mollie’s Salad if it kills me.Dinner was another half of a chicken breast with the mesquite marinade that Anthony and I cooked sometime this weekend.

I miss my fruit, though. I’m gonna have too much fun shopping this weekend.

There were a couple of things that I wanted to touch on, also. I’ve been focusing on a lot of the “cosmetic” aspects of losing weight. Essentially, focusing on the poundage. Tonight I did another one of those weight mirror image things, and I stared at it for a while. No joke. I want to shift this focus, at least for a moment, because I believe in the utility of the body being the primary concern, and aesthetic concerns come second. SO, I want to talk about the change I (finally) noticed in my fitness.

The first thing that I started to notice was that things like walking to the Decatur and back did not make me tired or sore like it used to, that walking back from “Shasta” (my zip car of choice) was not a chore. Additionally, trekking up the stairs to my apartment on the third floor does not make me breathy anymore (though my legs still hurt sometimes).

These were all little things that I had begun to notice and appreciate, but it didn’t really hit home till TKD yesterday.

It’s not like it happened overnight, but I was in a good enough place to see it and realize that doing all of the kicking that we did, the forms, etc. was not as debilitatingly taxing as it had been in the past. I was out of breath, but not panting. Hot and sweating, but not faint. Tired, but exhilarated. It is  significant and exciting for me because a LOT of my issues in Taekwondo have been issues of my fitness. Because I got tired so quickly, I couldn’t focus as much as I would like on other things that I wanted to, and I was perpetually upset about not being able to keep up.

I know that there are good days and bad days, but it was deeply, deeply satisfying to have that good day. Now I can start working on my splits and being able to do push ups, and kicking Nicki’s ass (though that will take a lot longer…).

Additionally, as some may have seen on my facebook page, I found out today that I no longer qualify as obese by BMI. Though I really don’t put a WHOLE lot of stock in BMI measurements (seems like a height-weight chart is pathetically simpleton), it’s a cool threshold to reach, and something that I am at least moderately pleased with. I am just closer and closer to being healthy.

Now I must adjourn to put away the laundry that has been sitting on my bed for two days… ><



On a more upbeat note…

I know that my last post was a wall of text, so this one will be more picture heavy. Just a log of food eaten today.

Breakfast, as previously mentioned, was a delightfully colorful plate of fruit.


Breakfast of Champions

For lunch, I had the Easy Chicken and Basil that I had made last night and a little bit more of the spicy tomato soup, that is still tasty even, like, a week after I made it.

Anthony took a liking to the chicken soup (thank the gods), so I will be sending that home with him Sunday.

We walked to Kroger and then took a nap, and then it was time for dinner. But I was still feeling mopey, and not really up for cooking, so I asked Anthony to take me out, and like the awesome boyfriend he is, he did. 🙂

This was my first time out since starting the diet, so I knew we needed to go somewhere where I could get a steak or hot wings. we went to Ted’s Montana Grill. And tastiness ensued.


A guy at the farmer's market told me girls don't eat steak... I should send him this pic

I am technically not supposed to have prime rib, but in my defense they did not seem to have top sirlion. I did NOT eat the fat, which I consider a testament to my willpower, as I love the fat. Pictured with the steak are roasted green beans and tomatoes. The green beans were tasty, but I couldn’t finish them, because the steak filled me up.


Anthony had a bison burger... yes it was that big. Video to follow

Anthony had a bison burger, and was courteous enough to not order fries. He had a salad, and the roll sitting on his plate was mine. I guess the waiter missed that whole “I can’t eat grains” thing.

Here’s a vid of Anthony eating his massive burger. You might want to catch it quickly, as I technically don’t have permission to post this…

Anyway, we came home and decided… it was time to pack up the meat!

Had to pick a picture that wouldn't make my vegetarian/vegan friends vomit.

So that was the rest of my day.  I think I am going to go play fable with  my wonderful boyfriend now.