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Weigh-in # 14

This is probably going to be the lamest post I have done but I’m really tired at this point.

I might make a better update tomorrow, as I have had some important realizations, but I’m too sleepy to go into them today.

The important thing is that I hit my “no longer overweight” milestone today, even though I only lost, like, maybe half a pound this week. Either way, I didn’t have that far to go.

That’s 149lbs. 36 lost, 14 to go.

Yes, it’s another one-pounder-and-I’m-being-generous week. I will have to go into more detail about what happened this past week at a later date, but suffice it to say that my stress eating problems aren’t yet over.

And to those of you who have been asking, here’s a pic of me at 150.

Me, Minus 35lbs

My roommate kind of photo-bombed the pic that I think is best. Here’s another one for good measure.

One more... and this ones blurry. heeh.

You’ll have to deal with the crappy pictures for now.


Bust: 37″ (down 5″)
Waist: 30.5″ (down 4.5″)
Hip:  42″ (down 5″)

I think with my realizations from last week I will be able to make the final push, but I am honestly afraid it won’t happen since I have had to stop doing TKD. I dunno. More on that tomorrow, hopefully.


Knee Update and Weigh-in #13

This is technically the 14th week of my new paleo life, but only my 13th weigh-in cause last week I skipped for fear of major disappointment.

But first! An update on the knee situation.

I just got back from the wellness center, and they referred me to a doctor to go have my knee X-rayed. I have an appointment to do that on Friday at 9:30. I’m not sure what they’re gonna say.

The wellness center also gave me an anti-inflammatory to take in the meantime, which I am SO excited about…

My dad is also scolding me for being stupid about my knee. This is one of the few times in my life where I’m pretty sure I deserve it. I have been stupid about it, and I fully acknowledge that. It’s time to get smart about it. I’m pretty much grounded from TKD for the rest of the year. I still go to class, and I am teaching white belts, which is satisfying in its own way. I’ll start working towards my next belt only when I’m fully healed. I’ve paid for my impatience.

Anyway, now to the fun part of the post: Weigh-in!

Last time I weighed myself, I hadn’t budged from 155. It is possible that I lost 5 pounds somewhere between then and now, but I really do feel like I’ve lost that five pounds in one week. It was literally as if I woke up the morning after my belt test and felt five pounds lighter.

Another possibility is that the bloating from my period has left me. But either way…

150 pounds! boo yeah!

I am actually half a pound from being back into a normal weight range. Hoorah! I’m really looking forward to crossing this threshold.

This is a ten-pound marker, so I will update this post (or make a new one) with measurements and pictures when I can.

So if I keep losing 2.5 lb/week, I’ll be down to 135 in 6 weeks, just two weeks after my graduation.

It’s important for me to realize that I may keep perfect paleo and still not lose 2.5 pounds per week, cause there is the plateau to think of, especially since I’m not exercising. But I’ve tried doing some things to counter that. For instance, I used to drink tea at my meals, but now I’m 100% water, so that reduces my caloric intake. I’m kinda excited about that, actually, cause it’s been a transition I’ve been trying to make for a while. I’ll post on that later.

Anyway, that’s it for me. Hooray for continued weight loss!I will update with pictures as soon as I can acquire a camera.

Damn, I’m sexy (Weigh-in #10)

I was really worried that my week of stress and awful, not to mention the 3 times I broke paleo, was going to have me sitting at 160lbs this weigh in. But nay!

157.5 lbs!

The important thing, for me, to understand is that even though I broke paleo and still lost weight, I did not in any of those circumstances, binge eat. We’re talking two slice of pizza on one meal, a grilled cheese sandwich for another, and then taco Friday where I filled my plate up with meaty, cheesey, tortilla chip goodness, and then stopped eating when I was satisfied.

So I think these are accomplishments too.

Tonight, I will be buying myself a bag of popcorn at the movies. 😀

I am very much on cloud 9 at the moment, with this and other things that have been happening (a welcome respite from , and I took the time and energy I had to do something productive:

I started cleaning out my closet.

I took a bunch of pictures, which I won’t bore you with here, but here are some highlights:

Size 18 shorts -- no prayer of fitting, even with a belt.

Size 16 dress pants -- tried to wear these the other day and couldn't

There are some things that don’t fit anymore, like the above, and there are some things that fit MUCH better:

Size 16 (small) jeans -- note the belt, though...

No idea what size this is, but it's hot as hell.

Also, check out the definition in my legs and calves in this shot! That has been coming along really well too…

There are some things that are still too small, but I imagine I will shrink into them a bit better:

Note the hip bulge. That's okay, though. Go check out the other shot in the album

This is supposed to sit on the hips, and I still can't get it down there.

So, yeah. I put a lot of stuff in the bag to be donated. There are some things that still pass as fitting me (such as my gray size 14 dress pants), but they are getting a little big.

I also went out and just did a for-fun photo shoot on Saturday, largely because I think I am beautiful and there’s no reason not to.

I am feeling pretty amazing right now, and I just wanted to share that along with the bad stuff that has been happening this week.

The albums:

Cleaning out my Closet, pt 1
At Agnes

Halfway There! (Weigh-in #9)

Please enjoy Bon Jovi as you read about the awesomeness.

I know that my weigh-in day is on Tuesday and that I said I would stop weighing in on Mondays, but I had to had to weigh in today cause I was suspecting that I was going to reach my halfway point.

And you know what?

I did!! 😀

Look at that little froggie, right in the middle of the bar! 😀

So, it might be prudent to do some before/after values — and by prudent, I would like to brag a bit

Measurements as of 1/1/2011
Bust: 42″
Waist: 35″
Hips: 47″

Measurements as of 3/8/2011
Bust: 38″ — Four inches lost
Waist: 31″ — Four inches lost
Hips:  43″ — Four inches lost

In visual form:


Clothes are baggy, but this is me at 185

Me, minus ten pounds

Me, minus 20 pouns


Me, as of today, down 25lbs

As of today, I have nothing left to do but that which I have already done — here’s to the rest of my journey.

Weigh-in # 6

Weighing in has become a weird ritual for me. As I’ve mentioned previously, I weigh in on both Mondays and Tuesdays, just to be sure things are right. And here’s how my weighing-in sessions typically go.

1) Step on Scale
2) Frown
3) Step off Scale
4) Make sure scale is zeroed correctly
5) Step back on scale
(repeat first five steps, may throw in a nose-blow or bathroom-use)
6) Squint
7) Call Anthony in to read the scale
8) Anthony makes rough estimate
9) Step off scale
10) Move scale to different spot on the floor (step added by Suzie)
11) Step on scale
12) Squint
13) Repeat until get the same measurement twice.

Yeah, that’s pretty much how it goes down.

I think once I get myself financially upright again, I will invest in a digital scale of some sort. Having a bit of certainty — and not having to squint to see the  numbers — would be really helpful. This whole dial scale thing is just not working. Or I could at least get a scale with a bigger dial…

Anyway, another 2.5 pounds lost.

167.5 lbs as of 2/15/2011. Or so I am telling myself. lol

Part of the reason why my posts have been so bland lately is that I’ve sorta settled into a routine of cooking. I eat a LOT of baked chicken, and I scrounge around at Agnes for food that I can eat. I haven’t really had the time, energy, or money to get innovative with  my food. Rest assured, though, if I do make something new, I will keep you guys updated.

There is one last thing that I wanted to talk about today, and to do so we will watch a video.

If you haven’t seen Get Smart, first of all, you should. Cause it’s awesome. Secondly, the movie revolves around the main character, Max Smart. Prior to the timeline of the movie, Max was severely obese and has lost that weight. When things start to go badly during the movie, and Max is in jail, he has a dream that he is fat again, and literally becomes an animal, a slave to his passions (to use the philosopher’s language) for food.

The scene is meant to be comedic, as making fun of fat people is the most PC way to be an asshole in society these days. However, it definitely has been hitting home with me a lot lately, and it has stayed in the forefont of my mind.

Even though I have made and will continue to make great progress, sometimes that fear sneaks up that I will hop on the scale and see 185 again, as if these past few weeks have been nothing more than a dream, or that my scale has just broken. I also fear that I will hit that brick wall and not be able to go anywhere.

It’s not an acute, subconscious fear like Max has, and I certainly haven’t had dreams about being fat and becoming a bitch to cake. However, it is something that has been nagging at me, and almost every time I step on that scale I’m somewhat afraid of what I will see.

I’m not sure if it’s something I will be able to shake, at least for a while. I will have to see.

I guess I need to relinquish this computer to the professor who has made it very plain that this is his territory.