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Weigh In #5 — A bit too Ambitious

I made it down to 170lb as of today! 😀

There’s an interesting threshold coming up. After five more pounds (~2 weeks), I will be the same weight I was when I entered college. This means I have shirked the weight from:

1) Crappy Agnes Food
2) Losing my home
3) Mom dying
4) Fast Food from the past 4 years
5) General stress from the past 4 years

It’s a threshold I’m looking forward to meeting. 😀

So, I have been noticing a difference in how my clothes fit me (which makes sense, after 15 pounds). I was pulling up my favorite jeans in the grocery store all day yesterday (much to the chagrin of Darcy and Anthony). The more I thought about it, the more I wanted to know my measurements. Suzie over at A waste of a waist takes measurements as a part of her weigh-ins. I don’t think that I want to measure myself that often, but every once in a while will be an interesting test, to see where everything is coming from.

I use an internet picture because I am too lazy to take my own.

To my best memory, my measurements before I started eating paleo were as follows:

Bust: 42″
Waist: 34″
Hips: 47″

I measure up this morning and found some interesting results.

Bust: 39″
Waist: 33″
Hips: 45″

So… neat! That explains my pants falling off.

I decided to get ambitious.

I had, at one point, three different pairs of jeans that were a size 16, but  each one fit me differently. There was a small 16, a medium 16, and a large 16. The medium 16 pair is long gone due to over use. Cause of death was typical: two large holes on the inside of my thighs. They survived an emergency patching procedure a year or so ago, but in the end they went caput.

So what I have left are the large sixteen and the small sixteen. I’m sure you can figure out what happens next. Last night I decided I would get ambitious and try to wear my “small” sixteen around today. Perhaps a belt should have been included in that.

They are still a bit too small. It is amusing to me that when something is too big and too small, the result is the same — they won’t stay up. Anyway, I will be pulling my pants up for most of the day today and then I’ll fold up my smaller jeans and try again in a few weeks.

I also have a size 14 white pants that I for some reason have kept through the years. That will be another project.

I’m halfway through my half-apple breakfast and feeling sleepy but good.

Hoping everyone has a good day!



Weigh-in #4 — Scales are confusing

Before I announce my weight, I’d just like to have a brief rant about my scale.

For whatever reason, I usually weigh myself on both Monday and Tuesday. As I have pointed out before, there’s usually a discrepancy between the two dates, and I’ll usually average the two weights.

I approached weighing in the same way this week, but things were really confusing.

When I weighed in Monday morning, I was pleasantly surprised to see 173.5 on the scale (a rough estimate, since I have a dial scale). I went about my day without any worries.

This morning when I woke up I headed to the bathroom, used it, then pulled out the scale to weigh. It said 175. It wasn’t really that heartbreaking for me, more just confusing because it didn’t make any sense, especially considering how little I had to eat yesterday.

So I went ahead and got dressed and checked my email, blew my nose a couple of times, and then thought about the weigh-in some more. It just bothered me. It didn’t make any sense, so I went to weigh in again.

I even brought Anthony in to help me read the scale (I have bad eyes and the lines are small). He confirmed it at 171.5.

So, within roughly 24 hours, I have three measurements. 171.5, 173.5, and 175.

I don’t really understand how that’s possible, and I don’t understand why waiting five minutes (I did nothing but blow my nose — I didn’t even have any water) makes a three and a half pound difference.

I talked to Pam and she suggested that I average the three weights, so that’s what I did. Here’s my current weight as-derived.

(173 lbs)

Admittedly, I like 171.5 better, because that puts me a lot closer to having lost 15 lbs. but oh well. Baby steps, Ellie. 😀

Does anyone have an explanation for the weird discrepancies in weight? Or any thoughts as to why five minutes would make an almost-four pound difference? I’d like Suzie’s take on this, if she happens to see me.

Weigh-in #2

I did weigh myself yesterday, but it was after I had been up for a while and had a couple of glasses of water. So this morning I  made sure to do it before I did anything else.

Again, to you I say, BAM!

It’s hard to tell on my scale whether it was 176 or 177, so I  just decided to average the two. lol

I am on my way… 😀