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In the oven…

I was really looking forward to this recipe. When I give you the ingredients you’ll know why, but it ended up being a bit of a disappointment. Anyway, I’ve got about… ten minutes to do this, so let’s go.

I found this recipe when I went hunting for things to do with chicken. I found it on a site called If you’re looking through that massive amount of text to find the OR, ctrl +F for “garlic Chicken.” As usual, the recipe has a dumb name, so I re-christened it.

Lame (Duck) Chicken

And behold, the ingredient list, and the thing which got me so interested in this recpie. As always, the recipe is presented as I cooked it, and if you want the OR, go to the link above.


1/4 cup olive oil
1 large onion diced
pepper to taste
juice of 2 lemons
2 large carrots, sliced
2 celery stalks, sliced
3 chicken breast halves
10 – 20 garlic cloves, unpeeled and left whole (yes, it said “twenty to thirty”!)

The original recipe calls for 20 – 30 garlic cloves, but since I  had substantially less chicken, so I toned it down some. Even I can have too much garlic.

Darcy would like to contribute that putting whole cloves of garlic, unpeeled, on chicken, is wrong.


Heat the oil in a frying pan. Add the onion, carrots and celery, stirring
constantly, until they are soft.

With a slotted spoon, transfer the vegetables to a casserole dish or a clay pot.

Lay the chicken pieces on top of the vegetables. Sprinkle with pepper and
lemon juice.

Put the garlic around and on the chicken pieces.

Cover tightly with aluminum foil. This is essential, because the chicken must cook in its own juices. Cook in a preheated 350F oven for 30m. Do not uncover until ready to serve.



It was okay. Definitely edible, but, as I said, a disappointment. The carrots gave it a really sweet taste, and there was absolutely no garlic taste in there at all.

I don’t really understand the purpose of not peeling the garlic, as all the good stuff is inside there. If I do this again, I might press the garlic, as is my usual. Darcy, like I said above, says that the non-peeled garlic is wrong.

Added to a magic salad, this was my dinner tonight:


I gave myself a lot of the chicken because I really hadn’t eaten a lot else that day. Here’s the deal on that:

I usually take an apple with me for breakfast, but due to my upper lip  being kinda-chapped, I didn’t want to take the apple because it would just burn my lip. I decided to get a smoothie at Mollie’s later. Only to find that they were out of the strawberry mix stuff.


Then lunch continued the lame-ness. I went into Evans and didn’t see anything appetizing, and so I made another trip to Mollie’s to do my hot-sauce chicken spinach carrot salad thingy. But alas, the line was long and I had left my stuff out on the quad. So I grabbed the Soup of the day which was a VERY salty chicken noodle soup. Minus the chicken. I ate the broth and around the noodles, got hypertension, and just resolved to make myself nommy for dinner.

I ended up not eating the entire plate, which is fine. We all have our days.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to a working weekend, but I’d like to take some time and get straight in my head what I want/need to do. Things that are already on the agenda (that aren’t working):

Tomorrow doing some sparring with Nicki to help her get ready for her belt test.

Saturday going to the TKD belt test to watch Anthony get his yellow belt and Nicki get her orange.


Feeling pretty good,



Last Night

Before I go into this, I’d like to say for those of you who don’t know me:

I don’t drink

I don’t do drugs of any kind.

It’s part of my life philosophy, and I’m very serious about it. So when I say that I went to my first club ever last night and when I tell you about my experience, please no that there was no inebriation of any kind involved.

So let’s talk about last night.

I had mentioned previously that Anthony and I wanted to go dancing as a form of fun-ness, so when Anthony saw that an electro-indie-dance thing was coming to the masquerade, I was willing to go. I usually avoid these types of scenes because I don’t handle myself very well in crowds. They make me nervous and panicky, and I can’t stay there for very long. But the event had moved to a bigger venue, so I decided it might be fun to go.

So I got all gothed up in my makeup, or at least to my best abilities. Anthony and I rented a car and headed out around 10 to get in the door free before midnight, since we were over 21. Apparently, we were one of the few people we know who actually got in.

The club filled to capacity at 800 people at around 12:45. It was kinda intense.

I couldn’t tell you right now whether or not I had fun.It was a very intense  experience. I went out there and the music was pounding and all-consuming in my head, and between that, dancing with Anthony, and (he thinks), empathy with people in the room, I was pretty much in a trance. It was kinda like my consciousness had been subdued. I don’t really know how to describe it. I don’t even know if it was a good experience or whether I’d be willing to do it again. It was just very… strange.

Of course, eventually the panic started to set in and we had to go, but we stayed till about 1, which is longer than I expected to last. Because of the trance-ness I don’t feel like I got a lot of “exercise” dancing, but that could be just cause we also sat down for a while too.

I really liked the music at the venue. Like I said it was very all-consuming and made you want to move. Anthony had a DJ that he wanted to see, but we left right before he came on. But he says it’s okay. 🙂 Got home and promptly went to sleep.

Today we are FINALLY getting to the grocery store, and I am pretty stoked about this. I need to eat something beforehand, but, of course, there isn’t anything here left to eat. So this will be an interesting venture.

It seems that there are just not enough hours in the weekend. Even though I have Fridays off, I have spent the vast majority of my weekend working on one thing or another. Other than finishing Fable 3 and Fuck yesss, I’ve pretty much been working all weekend. Hopefully one of these days I’ll get a weekend where I can just sit around and veg.

Anyway, one more week down. I’m gonna go to campus and eat something before we go.